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General Information

How do I get a Library Card if I live in Harrison County?

The Harrison County Public Library is free to all residents and property tax payers of Harrison County. Residents of Harrison County pay an annual library tax, which is included in their property tax. These taxes pay the majority of the expenses incurred by the Library, and they allow everyone in the district access to the Library, as it is funded with their tax dollars.

Anyone may use the Library collection while in the building. An adult may get a resident or non-resident card, and children 5 - 14 may get cards with permission from their parents or legal guardians. Children must have their applications signed by their parents or legal guardians before they will receive their cards. After applying for a card in full, wallet card and key fob card will be immediately issued.

Residents of Harrison County must present some form of photo ID with current address, preferably a driver's license. If no photo can be provided then a Social Security card and a piece of delivered mail (with a postmarked envelope), such as a bill with current address, can be accepted. Otherwise, two pieces of delivered mail (with a postmarked envelope), such as bills with current address, can be accepted. Patrons must fill out a short application form; please be prepared to give the following information:

Phone Number
Township (this allows us to know where our patron-base is located, so that in the future we can provide better service to all areas of the county through branch libraries and bookmobile services)
Driver's license number of photo ID number (a Social Security Number is an acceptable substitution)

How do I get a Library card if I live outside of Harrison County?

There are several options for non-residents who would like to borrow materials from the Library:

Reciprocal Borrowing Card - Patrons who have a card at their home county's Library may be eligible for this option. The Harrison County Public Library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with more than 150 libraries in Indiana . To find out if your Library is among them, ask a librarian at our front desk, or contact your home Library. If your home Library does have a reciprocal borrowing agreement with the Harrison County Public Library, please make certain that your home Library card is up-to-date. Bring your home Library card and at least one form of picture ID to the Harrison County Public Library and fill out a card application as described above. A member of the staff will make a photocopy of your home card and your ID for our records. Reciprocal membership is valid for one year from issue of card. ** AS OF JANUARY 1ST, 2010, A RECIPROCAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN NEW ALBANY-FLOYD COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY AND HARRISON COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY IS IN EFFECT, WHICH ALLOWS HCPL PATRONS AND NAFCPL PATRONS TO OBTAIN RECIPROCAL BORROWING CARDS. **

PLAC - The Public Library Access Card is recognized by all libraries in the state of Indiana . The charge for this card is currently $65.00, and you must have a current card at your home Library. This is an exceptionally good offer for any patron who wishes to use more than one Library. Harrison County residents must pay the $65.00 fee and fill out an additional application card. Residents of a county other than Harrison County must go to their county's Library and apply for a resident card. They may then apply for a PLAC card at any Library. Once they have a PLAC card they may use it to check out materials from any Library in Indiana, including the Harrison County Public Library. PLAC cards expire after one year.

Non-Resident Paid Card - Patrons who live inside the state of Indiana and do not have a home Library with reciprocal borrowing privileges that would like to use the Harrison County Public Library may buy a one-year individual membership for $52.00. To apply, fill out an application card as described above and pay the membership fee. The $52.00 fee is mandated by state law, and is the minimum fee allowable for our Library by State Code.

How many materials can I check out?

The Library reserves the right to restrict the circulation of materials in high demand, such as school project materials and best-sellers.

Books - Generally, a patron may borrow as many circulating books as he or she feels they can read within the 3-week check-out period. There is a limit of 3 titles per subject, 3 titles per author and 3 titles in any given series. Non-circulating books (in the Reference section) cannot be checked out, and may be used only in the Library. There is a per-card limit of 35 items total at any given time.

DVDs/Videos - Limit 5 per adult card (These may be checked out only by cardholders 18 and older.)

Youth Books - During the Summer Reading Program ONLY there is a limit of five books per child.

How long may I keep materials I have checked out?

Books, books-on-tape, books-on-CD, magazines, & most other materials - The check out period is three (3) weeks, unless specified otherwise by a librarian.

Videos/DVDs - Videos and DVDs may be checked out for 7 days. These items may not be renewed, and are due back by 8:00pm Monday through Thursday, and by 5:00pm Friday and Saturday. Videos and DVDs may be checked-out by adults 18 & older only, and there is a limit of 5 per card.

What if I cannot return a material on time?

All materials can be renewed via the online catalog, in person or over the phone. To renew materials in person, present your Library card to the librarian on duty and ask to have your materials renewed.

To renew materials by phone call the Library during business hours at 738-4110 and please be prepared to provide your Library card number and/or the items to be renewed. To renew items via our automated phone attendant after hours, call 812-738-1673. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL ITEMS RENEWED AFTER LIBRARY HOURS WILL DEFAULT TO THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY.

The Library will renew your materials and will inform you of the new due date. Please keep track of your new due date.

Books may be renewed one (1) time for a total of two (2) checkout periods. The Library will NOT renew any book that is on hold for another patron, and reserves the right to restrict renewals for items in high demand.

Videos and DVDs may not be renewed.

Where should I return materials?

Materials may be returned at any Library desk during normal business hours. After hours materials may be returned at one of the Library's drop locations:

1.      A book return and media return (for DVDs, VHS and audio books) are located in the alley directly behind the library, accessible from Beaver Street. PLEASE RETURN NOOKS TO LIBRARY STAFF DURING REGULAR LIBRARY HOURS. DO NOT RETURN THEM IN THE BOOK OR MEDIA DROPS.

2.      Book and media slots in the wall of the Main Library on Chestnut Street near Capitol Avenue.

All materials returned through the book drops after hours will be counted as returned the PRIOR day and no penalty will be accrued.


How can I request that HCPL purchase specific titles to add to the collection?

Please click here to request the purchase of materials for adults, and click here to request the purchase of kids/teen materials to be added to HCPL's collection.

What is HCPL's policy for items requested via interlibrary loan?

In order to offer books, audiobooks, DVDs, and other materials not available in its collection, the
Harrison County Public Library participates in two interlibrary loan programs. All card holders in
good standing may request materials through SRCS. If a material is not available through
SRCS, resident card holders in good standing may request materials through IN Share.

If a material is available through the Harrison County Public Library, an ILL should not be
requested unless:

1. Multiple copies of the same material are needed by the same person or group.
2. The library copy is marked "Lost" or "Missing"
3. Materials published within the last 12 months are not available through ILL.

* Patrons may ask for the library to purchase these materials instead.
* ILLs can arrive as soon as one week or may take several weeks.
* The lending library sets the due date.
* One renewal may be requested.
* The new due date will be set by the lending libraries.
* Renewals are not guaranteed.
* Late materials may incur a fine.
* Do not remove tags or bands from ILL materials as these are needed to check materials
in and out of the library.
* Patrons who check out ILL materials are responsible for:
* Paying any postage due on materials sent through the mail.
* Any fines or fees for overdue materials charged to the Harrison County Public
Library by the lending library as well as those normally charged by the Harrison
County Public Library.
* Any fines or fees for lost and damaged materials charged to the Harrison County
Public Library by the lending library.

* All interlibrary loan requests will be put through the SRCS system first.
* Patrons may make 5 new requests per week.
* Pending requests and current checkouts from previous week will not count
against this total.
* Once the limit of 5 is met for the week, patrons may not return materials in
exchange for more requests within that same week.
* Any Harrison County Public Library card holder in good standing may request SRCS
* Any fines must be paid before an ILL will be ordered.
* No age restriction exists on ordering SRCS other than those already existing in
HCPL's policy (e.g. minors may not check out DVDs).
* Patrons are encouraged to order their own SRCS materials, but are welcome to request
them at the desk.
* SRCS materials will be kept on the holds shelf behind the circulation desk.
* SRCS holds are subject to the same removal procedures as HCPL materials.
* The library's automated system will call patrons when materials become available.
* SRCS materials will count toward the material limits for card holders.
* DVDs received through SRCS will be counted against the item limit not the DVD

IN Share
* Any interlibrary loan requests not available through the SRCS system may be requested
through the IN Share system.
* Patrons may make 2 new requests per week.
* Pending requests and current checkouts from previous week will not count
against this total.
* Once the limit of 2 is met for the week, patrons may not return materials in
exchange for more requests within that same week.
* Any resident Harrison County Public Library card holder in good standing may request
IN Share materials.
* Non-residents should request IN Share materials through their home library.
* Any fines must be paid before an ILL will be ordered.
* Minors must have parental permission to request IN Share materials.
* IN Share requests must be made at the desk.
* IN Share materials at the main library will be kept behind the reference desk, branches
will be kept behind the circulation desk.
* IN Share materials are subject to the same removal procedures as HCPL library
* Library staff members will call patrons when materials become available.
* IN Share materials will arrive either through the courier service or regular mail.
* Any that arrive via regular mail will have a $3 charge for postage.
* Postage charges are due upon pick up of a material.
* Postage charges will be applied to a patron's library card if they fail to pick up
* IN Share materials will not count toward the material limits for card holders.
* DVDs received through IN Share will not be counted against the DVD limit.
* At the Main Branch, IN Share materials should be returned to the reference desk, not
the check-in desk.
* At other branches, IN Share materials should be returned to the check-in desk.
* IN Share materials should only be returned in the drop box as a last resort.
Restricting ILL Privileges
In order to maintain borrowing privileges and good relationships with partner libraries, the
Harrison County Public Library may suspend or end a patron's ILL privileges. Behaviors that
may result in a suspension or end of privileges include but are not limited to the following:
* Attempting to order more materials than allowed
* Loss or damage of materials
* Frequently/habitually overdue materials
* Activities that infringe on copyright law
* Repeated removal of library tags, bands, or paperwork.
The Harrison County Public Library is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred through
the use of the ILL systems: SRCS and IN Share.

How much does it cost to print from the computer or to use the copier or fax machine?

Black and white computer printouts and photocopies are 10 cents each. Color computer printouts are 25 cents each. Faxes are $1.00 per page for both incoming and outgoing faxes. Fax coversheets are provided for free.

Overdue Materials

How much are fines?

The Harrison County Public Library operates fine free. However, once an item has reached 30 days overdue the item is labeled Assumed Lost in the library's circulation system, and the item is billed to the patron. If the patron returns the item before it reaches the status of Long Overdue, the bill is removed from the patron's account. Patrons who have overdue materials will have computer and checkout privileges suspended until their account is settled.

What if I lose or damage a book?

Any material that is lost or damaged must be paid for by the patron before borrow privileges will be resumed. Fees for damages are as follows:

  • Lost or irreparable damage -- replacement cost of the item
  • Lost or damaged book pockets and/or Library identification marks -- 25 cents each
  • Torn or mutilated pages IF REPAIRABLE -- 10 cents per torn page

What if I am notified of an overdue item that I have already returned?

The Library makes every effort to check for returns before notifying a patron of an overdue, yet it is always possible that an item may have been misshelved or checked out to another patron. Please double check for the material in your home with family members and then notify us of the problem. The staff will do its best to locate the item in question and settle your account.

Children at the Library


Children under six years old must be directly supervised by a caregiver 14 years of age or older. Children six to ten years old must be accompanied by a caregiver, 14 years of age or older, in the building.

Can my child get a Library card?

Children ages 5 and above may get Library card with permission from their parents or guardians. All rules concerning getting a card (see above) apply for children, and children MUST have their applications signed by their parent or guardian before they will receive their cards.

How can I sign my child up for a Youth Program?

Please call or stop by your local HCPL branch during normal business hours , or you may register online . For more information about the programs, please visit the Youth Programs page.

Can my child use a computer?

Special computer stations are designated in the Youth room for our younger patrons. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the computers. Children seeking to use a computer must have a parent or guardian fill out a short permission form, witnessed by a librarian. Educational game computers are available.

Groups and Meetings

How can my group reserve a meeting space?

To reserve a room, call the Library at 812-738-4110. Please provide your name, the name of the group that will be using the space, a contact phone number for the group, and the date and time of your meeting. Use of the meeting room is free, and available to non-profit organizations only.

Because of the high demand for public meeting space, we request that you reserve the room at least one month in advance.


What do I need to do before using a public computer?

Users must have a current Library card with the Harrison County Public Library. Users must sign an Internet Agreement Form stating that they have read the Library's Internet policy and understand their personal responsibilities while using the computers. Copies of the complete computer policy are available on request, and can be viewed online here. Patrons under 18 years of age are required to have a parent or legal guardian's signature sign their user agreement form. This must be witnessed and also signed by a librarian.

Computer privileges are suspended if fines exceed $1.00. A patron's account must be settled before computer privileges are reinstated.

How long may I use a computer?

Users are limited to one hour of usage per session. If no one is waiting or scheduled to use a workstation then the current user may continue to work on the computer, up to four hours per day.

What does the Library offer on its computers?

All computer workstations are equipped with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, a color printer, Internet browser and CD & DVD drive/burner.

A flatbed scanner is also available for patron use.


Does the Library take donations?

Yes, the Library welcomes donations of gently used books to its collection. If you wish to donate materials, please call or stop by the Library. Donated materials and gifts are accepted with the understanding that only those items that meet the criteria for material selection will be added to the collection. Donations are final and become the property of the Harrison County Public Library. The library makes the final decision on which items are added to the collection based on numerous factors, such as condition of the materials, demand or need. Books that are not included in the collection may be sent to the Friends of the Library Book Box.

Is the Library taking job applications?

The Library welcomes applications for employment. Please request an application at the front desk. Applications will be kept on file for six months. If you would like to volunteer your time to the Library, please visit our "How Can I Help the Library?" page for more information. The Harrison County Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Can the Library answer my research question?

If you have a specific research question that you would like the Library to research for you, you may contact the Library at 812-738-4110, or write us at:

Attention: Reference
Harrison County
Public Library
105 North Capitol Avenue
Corydon, IN 47112

For genealogy inquiries, please call 812-738-5412, or write to us at:

Frederick Porter Griffin Center
for Local History and Genealogy
117 West Beaver Street
Corydon, IN 47112

You may also use our "Ask a Librarian" feature, to have a librarian answer your inquiry via email.

What if I have questions not covered on this page?

Please contact the Library during normal business hours at 812-738-4110, or through any of the channels listed on our Contact Us page.





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