Computer workstations are available for use at each branch. All workstations are equipped with Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, a color printer, Internet browser and CD & DVD drive/burner.  Users are limited to one hour of usage per session. If no one is waiting or scheduled to use a workstation then the current user may continue to work on the computer, up to four hours per day.  A flatbed scanner is also available for patron use.

Users must sign an Internet Agreement Form stating that they have read the Library’s Internet policy and understand their personal responsibilities while using the computers. Copies of the complete computer policy are available on request, and can be viewed online here. Patrons under 18 years of age are required to have a parent or legal guardian’s signature sign their user agreement form. This must be witnessed and also signed by a librarian.

Wireless Printing

We are thrilled to offer an option that allows patrons to effortlessly print documents, emails and web content from any internet enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer workstation at our Corydon Branch.

Users can send documents to your printers from any location– inside or outside of our facility.   Black and white copies are only $0.10 per page and color only $0.25 per page.  Click here to begin printing. Once your print jobs are submitted, they can be claimed at any branch.

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