Nature Club – Creek Walk – July 7, 2022

by Eden Ransdell, Youth Services Assistant

Harrison County Public Library employee Eden Ransdell took the Nature Club into Indian Creek for science fun.  Families visited 3 stations to learn ways to identify the health of Indian Creek.

At Ms. Eden’s station, families used a kick net to sample macroinvertebrates (insect larvae and other small critters) that cling to rocks and plants in the creek’s riffles.  Indian Creek’s diverse insect life earned a score of 30, which is considered Excellent Water Quality.

Volunteer Calvin Hall led students in conducting chemical tests for fertilizer pollution as well as measuring the water’s levels of oxygen and acidity.  Indian Creek earned 3 points out of 4, a rating of Good Water Quality.

HCPL Youth Services Manager Diana Lasky’s explorers used water viewers and dip nets to find even more aquatic life in the shallow edges of the creek.  Some highlights were baby dragonflies and a very beautiful leech.

When asked, “Why take the kids into the creek?”  Ms. Eden replied, “I want the children and families to know that there are small creatures in the water and by identifying those creatures, you can tell how healthy  the water is.”

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