Old Shoes = Clean Water: HCPL to Host Shoe Drive

Donate your old shoes to help people around the world have access to clean safe water. Harrison County Public Library will be sponsoring a WaterStep shoe drive from May 15 – July 31, 2023 during the “All Together Now” summer reading challenge.

  • Boxes for shoe collection will be at all 5 branch locations
  • ALL types of footwear accepted (used and new)
  • Shoes may be worn; just no holes in the soles
  • No moldy, mildewed or muddy shoes accepted
  • Help WaterStep by tying laces together or rubber banding flip-flops

So how in the world do old shoes provide clean water?  At a recent Step Ahead meeting presentation, Ron McKulick of WaterStep stated that it only takes 3 pairs of donated shoes to provide 1 person with clean water for LIFE.

WaterStep is a non-profit organization that has been in operation for 25 years bringing safe water to communities in developing counties, after natural disasters, and in emergency situations. Since its beginning, WaterStep has helped to provide safe water to eight million people in 67 countries.

WaterStep designs and builds safe water and disinfectant equipment locally in Louisville, KY.  Materials to build the equipment are purchased by funds from shoe donations, individual donations, grants and product sales. WaterStep does not receive any state, federal, or international funding.

Ron challenged Harrison County Public Library to sponsor a shoe drive and have a goal of acquiring 600 pounds of shoes.  That could potentially help 200 people have access to clean water. The video links WaterStep Shoe Program and WaterStep Helps Hurricane Laura Survivors provides a brief overview of some of the benefits of the shoe drive.  For more information, visit WaterStep.org

You can help provide clean water by donating the shoes you no longer wear during the summer reading challenge “All Together Now.”

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