“Saturday Spotlight” at the Frederick Porter Griffin Center: Women’s History Month

by Kathy Fisher, Head of Genealogy and Local History

March is a special month for many people.  It’s celebrated by basketball fans, Irish-Americans, appreciators of warmer and brighter days, and pie-eating math lovers maybe?  Another group that should garner attention this month is WOMEN… 

From its beginnings, Harrison County has been home to many important women.  Names such as Elizabeth Pennington, Polly Strong, Mary Bugher, Julia Fried Walker, Leora Brown Farrow, Matilda Boone Crosier, Jennie Griffin, and Georgia Stockslager Fisher represent just a few of the females that left their mark here.  You are invited to discover some of their stories (and more) at the Frederick Porter Griffin Center during this Women’s History Month.

Special programming will be offered between 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday March 11th and 18th.  Stop in to learn more!

(If you can’t make it in-person, be sure to view our other women-focused programming videos online.)

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