Week 8 of “Tell Us Your Story”

Today we begin the eighth week of “Tell Us Your Story”! Please feel free to select any of the prompts below that inspires you and share your story with us here. Be as creative as you would like, and you can also include drawings, artwork, photos and poems.

Elementary students, download your own “Tell Your Story” booklet to print, fill out and submit to HCPL. All students’ booklets will be scanned and compiled into a book.


  1. We’ve had some shortages of items.  What do you think will be the next thing that is hard to find in stores?
  2. Best Friends’ Day was June 8th.  Who was your best friend in high school?  Are they still your “bestie”?  How has your relationship changed?


  1. Do you feel it’s better to wash your hands with soap and water or to use hand sanitizer?
  2. Do you like manga?  What’s your favorite series?  If not, why?


  1. What changes do you think there will be in your classroom this fall?
  2. What qualities make a good teacher?
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