Who’s Awesome! Bethany Banet – April 2024

Bethany Banet, head of technical services/cataloging, is HCPL’s April winner for Who’s Awesome! There were 18 nominations for the honor this month.

Diana Lasky, administrative assistant, nominated Bethany stating, “Bethany was extremely helpful to collaborate with Debbie (McClanahan) and me to help sort out cataloging options for the new Leadership Harrison County PICKS. We were able to present what we hoped to accomplish and she was able to implement the cataloging required to make it easy for customers to find the books in the catalog as well as a solution for the circulation staff. In addition, when carpooling was arranged for the regional conference, Bethany was flexible to make multiple changes, and did so with an upbeat attitude. Bethany, you’re awesome! ”

Bethany began volunteering for the library in 2002 and joined the staff in December of that year as HCPL’s cataloger. As the library grew she became head of the technical services department.

In February, Alisa Burch, library director, nominated Bethany writing, “Bethany very quickly supplied the numbers I needed for the State Board of Accounts Annual Financial Report to record the costs of weeded books in the capital assets section as soon as I requested them. Later when I discovered I needed information from previous years as well she was able to get what I needed in a very short amount of time. I appreciate her thoroughness and quick response time. Bethany is awesome!”

Last summer Bethany was nominated by Eden Ransdell, youth services manager, and again by Diana Lasky.  Eden wrote, “Bethany is very thoughtful and a great person to brainstorm with!” And Diana said, “As Lanesville is weeding heavily in anticipation of construction, the weeded materials have been piling up. When new space was needed for more, Bethany not only offered to store the books until the Friends could look through them, but helped move 30 boxes and offered to prep the boxes with the labels for shipment. It cut my work load in half.“

Each month a winner is selected by random drawing. Other staff members nominated in April include, Corinne Burton, Amanda Embrey, Nikki Esarey, Megan Grindle, John Kunsman, Diana Lasky, Debbie McClanahan, Pam Nemeth, Steven Schifcar, Trevor Smith, Leo Stiner, Jessica Stroud, Debi Strubler, Kaitlyn Taylor and Tiffany Thieneman.

Article by Alisa Burch, Director

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