Who’s Awesome! – Julia Phipps


Congratulations, Julia Phipps!

Julia Phipps, affectionately known by staff as Julie, is HCPL’s first Who’s Awesome! winner. Julia works as a reference assistant and was one of twenty-two staff members nominated in January.

Tiffany Thieneman, public services manager, nominated Julia for the award stating, “Julie was awesome when we had a patron in reference who had a medical issue. Julie’s nursing experience came in handy as she assessed the patron’s condition. Julie stayed calm and was able to provide EMS with information regarding the situation. I was glad Julie was there to help!”

Julia joined the reference staff at Main October 25, 2021.

Each month a winner will be selected by random drawing. A quarterly winner and nominator will receive a small prize in addition to the recognition.

Other staff members nominated in January were Amanda Applegate, Nikki Esarey, Ann Allen, Eden Ransdell, Sandy Harbeson, Melissa Schellenberger, Ann Crecelius, Vee Colantonio, Lynn Hardesty, Bethany Banet, Savannah Wallace, Seren Lindsey, Debbie McClanahan, Steven Schifcar, Liz Dennis, Trevor Smith, Kelly Powell, Alisa Burch, Jessica Stroud, Sarah Dorton and Pat Schwartz.

Article by Alisa Burch, Director



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