Week 7 of “Tell Us Your Story”

As we begin week 7 of the Tell Us Your Story project, we are surprised to have received so few responses to the weekly prompts. It is our hope that if any of the prompts posted from May 5 through the present–from any age range–inspires you, that you will share that story with us. We also welcome your poems, drawings and photographs!

Click here for more details and to share your story. If you would like to review previous weeks’ writing prompts, please click here.

Writing prompts for week 7

1. Has the pandemic situation made you more grateful or appreciative of things or people in your life? Have you become aware of things you previously took for granted?
2. What charities do you donate to and why?

1. Has the pandemic altered your plans for the future (college, career, other)? Are you hopeful? What are your concerns?
2. Tell us about any community service projects or events in which you have participated.

1. Have you checked out the library’s Brain Boosters, videos, and online programs? Which ones have you liked the most and why?
2. What would you like to be when you grow up?

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